Nirguna Yoga will be a studio committed to helping practitioners in Albuquerque and beyond unlock their pure potential by offering the highest quality of training in the discipline of yoga.

Those of you who know Ben and Kendra, know what an amazing place Nirguna Yoga is going to be. We don’t have a physical location yet but you can be a part of that dream.

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It is the philosophy of Nirguna Yoga that by honoring the integrity and tradition of the ancient teachings and methods of yoga, our local community of practitioners will reach the highest degree of physical, mental, and spiritual health. The only true measure of the efficacy of a wellness system is the profound and apparent change in the health and well-being of the practitioner. In time, through the establishment of a foothold of rigor and authenticity that consistently produces clear results within the Albuquerque yoga community, practitioners from all across the southwest and eventually the greater United States will be drawn to Nirguna Yoga training programs for their superior approach to empowering students to succeed and preparing teachers to best serve the needs of their students. 

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