Bringing Consciousness to Conflict

with Erin Hansbrough & Mike Donovan

Saturday, march 16th at 6pm

Conflict: let’s be honest, it’s no one’s favorite topic! Yet we face it every day, in our personal lives, work situations, and in our experience of the larger world. Though we all have our own unique experience of conflict, our approach to it likely falls under one of three categories, which are well-explained by the Buddhist concept of the three poisons. These “poisons”- attachment, aversion and ignorance – can keep us locked in a battle of shame, blame, and fighting to win.
Thankfully, there are antidotes! Join us for a conversation focused on collaborative, non-violent, and liberatory approaches to conflict. You’ll learn tools for getting grounded, practicing ahimsa (non-violence or non-harming) and learning to approach conflict with curiosity and hope, rather than dread. We look forward to being in this conversation with you!

Learn to practice ahiṃsa (non-harming) off the mat and in your most important relationships! This conversation will help you understand your conflict style, and will offer tools for approaching conflict with more compassion and confidence. A wonderful opportunity to bring your yoga practice into your life and relationships!

Followed by a community potluck

Suggested donation $20

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