The Yoga of Devotion


Ben and I joined our dear friend Kevin Warren in a discussion on Bhakti Yoga, the practice of devotion, and as an extra treat Kevin lead us in Kirtan! His voice and music talents are out of this world and we were thrilled to introduce him to all of you! He is like a big brother to Ben and I. We studied Tibetan Buddhism together for many years and he took on the project of helping us build the straw-bale cabin that we did our three year retreat in! After the workshop we will hosted a potluck where we all hung out together as a community! Our dear friend, Kevin, has been a devout practitioner of the Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Humanist traditions over the course of his life. We count our selves outrageously fortunate to have shared with him as chosen family in his process as a fellow aspirants of yogic practice and spiritual study for many years. Now as a practicing Catholic, his generous insights into the nature of the soul, grace, devotion and the unity of the paths of all who aspire to truth and liberation continue to be an inspiration for our own practice and understanding of love.



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