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nir·gun·a  /nirguṇa/     yoga

  1. free of qualities
  2. free of limitations
  3. the limitless potential to become your highest vision of you.

Located in the Northeast Heights of Albuquerque, Nirguna Yoga offers an authentic, classical yoga experience for both experienced and beginner yoga students. Our teachers have studied and practiced for decades under the tutelage of yogic masters of a variety of authentic systems of yoga. Our teacher’s expertise uniquely enables them to help YOU progress along YOUR personal transformation journey. 

Nirguna Yoga is 100% local and we’re committed to an authentic, empowering, diverse, and vibrant yoga community. With a wide variety of class types and an amazing crew of local yoga teachers, Nirguna Yoga has something for everyone!

Ready to experience profound personal transformation thru the disciplines of Hot 26 & 2 (formerly Bikram Yoga), Vinyasa (Hot Flow), Prenatal, Meditation, Philosophy, and Sanskrit?  Come take a class with us and allow us to help you tap into your pure potential!

Nirguna Studio Features:

Nirguna Yoga owner Kendra Rickert
Pure grace in alignment
  • Large yoga rooms
  • Showers
  • Large changing rooms
  • Free parking
  • State of the art heating system
  • High output humidifiers in the heated room
  • (95-105 degrees, 40-50% humidity)
  • In-studio air purifiers with HEPA filter 
  • Disinfected between classes and deep cleaned regularly

First Timers

Awesome, you’re thinking about taking your first Nirguna Yoga class!  Or maybe you just took your first class and you’re looking for a few tips.  We’re here to help!  Click the “First Timers” for all the info you need to get started!

We are beginner-friendly, and every class can be tailored to the needs of new yoga students.  In our classes, you’ll find a full range of ages, body types, backgrounds, and yoga experiences.

Looking for the best way to experience our classes?  Try our Intro Special: $30 for 30 days of yoga!



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Nirguna Yoga Philosophy

It is the philosophy of Nirguna Yoga that by honoring the integrity and tradition of the ancient teachings and methods of yoga, our local community of practitioners will reach the highest degree of physical, mental, and spiritual health. The only true measure of the efficacy of a wellness system is the profound and apparent change in the health and well-being of the practitioner.

Yoga Philosophy Text

 In time, through the establishment of a foothold of rigor and authenticity that consistently produces clear results within the Albuquerque yoga community, practitioners from all across the southwest and eventually the greater United States will be drawn to Nirguna Yoga training programs for their superior approach to empowering students to succeed and preparing teachers to best serve the needs of their students. 

The Nirguna Yoga Teacher Training program has a strong emphasis on Yoga Philosophy and we encourage you to attend our public workshops on Philosophy during the training.


1930 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87112   (505) 200-2775

© Nirguna Yoga, 2022