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Beyond being a mere yoga studio, Nirguna Yoga Studio is a community hub, pulsating with the essence of Albuquerque. Our commitment to creating an inclusive, empowering, and vibrant yoga community resonates deeply. Our class offerings cater to all preferences, ensuring a harmonious convergence of body, mind, and spirit.

Dive into the rich tapestry of Albuquerque yoga classes, including the rejuvenating Hot 26 & 2 (formerly Bikram Yoga) sessions and the dynamic Vinyasa (Hot Flow) flows, as well as a variety of other unheated yoga classes including Ashtanga,  Iyengar Yoga classes, and Yin Yoga classes. For those embracing motherhood, our Prenatal classes offer nurturing support. Philosophy and Sanskrit classes delve into the heart of yogic wisdom, while Meditation classes offer respite for the soul.

The journey toward Albuquerque hot yoga and self-discovery is yours to embrace. Are you ready to tap into your pure potential and experience profound transformation? Our doors are wide open, inviting you to step onto the mat and embark on a voyage of growth and empowerment.

Nirguna yoga is committed to helping practitioners unlock their pure potential by offering the highest quality training in the discipline of Yoga.

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Kendra Rickert and Ben Kramer teach classes at Nirguna Yoga studio
Kendra Rickert and Ben Kramer


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