The Healing Practice of Joy

With Dr. Lisette Garcia
Saturday March 23rd 4pm

Few of us walk through this life without suffering a Trauma.  But humans are resilient and capable of learning, adapting and growing in ways that few dare dream. By admitting to and exploring the parts of us that don’t want to heal we can find the space for using joy as a tool for healing and thus get closer to becoming that person we dream of being.

Dr. Lisette Garcia has a Ph.D. from Tufts University in Psychology. Her expertise lies in the areas of decision-making and the effects of culture and identity on these processes. After a Post-Doc in forensic psychology Lisette taught, worked as a trial consultant and became a certified family and divorce mediator.  She has trained in compassionate communication, conflict resolution, peace keeping circles and hostage negotiations.

Lisette simultaneously studied Tibetan Buddhism in the tradition of the Dalai Lama for over 12 years and spent many of those years working with prisons across Asia, documenting the changes brought about by the introduction of meditation. Lisette also completed a 3-year silent meditation retreat.

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