Evolution of a Handstand

May 8th & May 15th, 11am-1pm

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Evolution of a Handstand is meant to take you from Child’s Pose, to Downward Facing Dog into Handstand as a progression of events that share the same arm position. Understanding the scapulohumeral rhythm, the interconnected movement between the arm and the scapula when the arm is raised overhead, is essential to a functional handstand.

Sri has developed somatic exercises to help awaken the serratus anterior, a multifaceted muscle that both protracts, widens and rotates the scapula. If one of these movements is missing, the arm support will be compromised.

The confidence to invert is about structural support. This workshop will offer the anatomical awareness for developing the infrastructural readiness to access the technique of handstand.

Suitable for all levels and invaluable for Yoga and Movement teachers.

$30 Register Now!

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