Lotus Sound Bath

Lotus Sound Bath offers an expertly crafted vibrational experience designed to attune the body, clear the mind and lift the spirit. Just lie back on your mat and enjoy the guided tones to find the calm within you. As the mind dives deeply into the calming harmonic vibrations, the body is able to connect to a more subtle energy and sink into a meditative state of consciousness. Using a variety of high vibrational instruments, this therapeutic sound bath is designed to take you on a transformational journey allowing you to reset and restore the nervous system and expand the mind, body, and spirit. Just lie back on your mat and enjoy the guided tones to find the calm within you.

Saturday, November 20th, 6pm – $30

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Douglas Cardwell Master Percussionist and former Principal Timpanist for the New Mexico Philharmonic Douglas Cardwell brings his expertise in soothing sounds and contemplative tones to the realm of meditation. With certifications from Ascending Sounds, The Medicine of Sound Wellness Center in British Columbia + Duality energy and healing training with Jeffery Allen plus over 25 years’ experience in private instruction, professional sound artist Douglas brings a wealth of knowledge to the realm of sound meditation and sound healing. With his passion for music and personal wellbeing, he is able to share with others the path to enlightenment and renewed positive energy. Sound Bath Instruments The intricate mix of richly vibrational crystal singing bowls, soothing gongs and resonating cymbals will lead you through your journey of relaxation, mediation and healing.  All of these instruments have been chosen for their purity and quality of sound. During your sound bath session, you may experience: ♦ 432 Hz Perfect Pitch Chakra Tuned Set of 7 Frosted Quartz Singing Bowls  ♦ Gongs ♦ Cymbals  ♦ Ocean Drums ♦ Shakers ♦ Rain Sticks